Shao Xiong Chui

Research Department Life Science Systems
Technische Universität München
Hans-Carl-von-Carlowitz-Platz 2
D-85354 Freising-Weihenstephan


Phone: +49 (0) 8161 71-4236


ORCID: 0000-0002-9230-8058

Research blog: Sundaic Stingless Bees [work in progress]

Research interests

Foraging Ecology
Behavioral Ecology
Natural History


A budding interest in flower-pollinator interactions was detoured by a prolonged dry spell (i.e. no flowers)during his Bachelor Honours year, which led to his introduction to stingless bees (Apidae, Meliponini) via taxonomy. What started out as a study to sort out the taxonomy of this group for his Bachelors consequently led to the idea that stingless bees, as a speciose, highly-social group, make for a great model organism in the areas of biology and ecology. From bee-bee nest interactions and social dynamics, to cohesive colony characters on resource foraging preferences, there are still many more layers to peel back in the understanding of this group of important tropical bee pollinators. With stingless bees as the choice of model organism, he subsequently returned to his interest in flower-pollinator interactions in the form of a Masters in the pollen foraging preferences of stingless bees in an urban garden. At present, his research in stingless bee foraging ecology (plant-insect interactions) continues for his PhD.


Foraging ecology is my main research interest as it allows for the exploration and understanding of the complex and often dynamic interactions between insects and the plants that they rely on.

Stingless bees are my chosen group for research as apart from honey bees, stingless bees are the only other group of highly eusocial bees. More speciose than honey bees, stingless bees are great for the study of foraging ecology across divergent groups attuned to the collection of similar resources in tropical rainforests.


The main focus of my current work consists of:

Resin foraging preferences in stingless bees

Physical properties of resin and the amelioration with wax in order to achieve required structural functions in stingless bee nests

Bacterial communities in stingless bee nests and their inter-specific variability


Curriculum Vitae

01/2020-present PhD student, Technische Universität München

01/2017-08/2019 Master of Science (Research) in Life Sciences, National University of Singapore

11/2015-11/2016 Lab Research Assistant, National University of Singapore

08/2011-05/2015 Bachelor of Science (Life Sciences, Environmental Biology), National University of Singapore



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